pp I am Pushpinder Singh Dhillon, Son of Harcharan Singh Dhillon and I am a resident of Muradwala Dal Singh in Fazilka. I am 37 years of age and like my father and my brother, I am also a farmer. We have a total of 50 acres of land, 22 acres of which are in Punjab and 30 are in Rajasthan. We used to have a kinnow orchid on 6 acres of land and in 2007, I started with organic farming on 2 acres in Punjab where we used to have kinnow orchids. In the first year I got 12 quintal yield from 2 acres of land with organic farming and in the second year the yield was 16 to 17 quintal.

I always wanted to do something on my own and make a name for myself. In 2009 after completing my graduation I went to UK for Hotel and Hospitality Management course I came back to India and started with agriculture. We are doing organic farming on the land we have in Rajasthan and conventional farming on the land we have in Punjab. It took 3 years to produce fully organic crops because in Punjab over the years the use of lots of pesticides has made the land used to pesticides. We use all the modern techniques and implements for farming. For the milk and milk product needs of the house, we have 6 Sahiwal cows.



50 Acres of Land


Wheat, Gram, Mustard, Pulses, Garlic, Onion and Turmeric


Tractor, Cultivators, Disc Harrow, Leveler, Trolley, Computerized Land Leveler


6 Sahiwal Cows

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In future I want to do organic farming and goat farming on the land I have in Rajasthan. I want to grow wheat organically, process it and then sell the wheat flour under my own brand name. I want to really work hard and work honestly to achieve all my dreams.


My message to the farmers is that they should process their produce and then sell it because after really hard to 6 to 8 months, they harvest the crop and are forced to sell the at prices determined by the government. It they process their produce and then sell it, they will earn more.


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